Review by: Katehay on April 01, 2015 :
Roly Andrews is a natural born story teller with an amazing active imagination.
I was taken back by the strength of the characters and how they all came alive during the story.
At times the suspense was palatable and I could feel the pain of the principal characters.
For a first novel I was suitably impressed and will definitely read his next.

5 stars

By chrisie on April 12, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I can’t believe this is your first book from beginning to end it is a fascinating mix of cultures, so similar to Amy Tan drawing you in to a great ending
5 stars
Review by: Carley Forsyth on Sep. 04, 2015 :
What a great read! Very descriptive – I could see it all happening before my eyes. I shead a tear on more than two occasions . What courageous and humble women they all were! Well done Roly Andrews on your first book! Look forward to reading more from you! Sooner rather than later!
5 stars

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