About me

Big hearted, aspiring author, reluctant gardener, arrogant and stubborn, a champion for the disadvantaged; there must be at least 1001 descriptions you could use to try and describe me. And to be honest, they probably still wouldn’t capture my essence entirely. In my case a picture does not describe a thousand words.

Its amazing what a fresh haircut and a new pair of glasses can do!

But here’s a few word’s that actually do get quite close to the mark.

  • Complex
  • Awkward, and
  • Difficult

Of course, no one really wants to be described in these terms. So while I don’t revel in my non-conformity to social norms, equally, I don’t shy away from them either. I am who I am, and I live comfortably in that surety.

When you are trying to peddle your writing – there’s a certain dichotomy about how you describe yourself. Will people buy a book from a person self described as a right bastard? (Not me – I assure you). Will people buy a book from someone who sold their soul to the devil barely three months after their first communion? (Not me either).

So, perhaps that is why authors biographies are so brief and non descriptive – I guess writers are trying to protect themselves against the most perceptive of their prospective readers. Protecting themselves against prying eyes and minds, and value judgments people might slap on them. I don’t care, and neither should you.

But there is another more likely possibility and that is people don’t really care; they don’t really mind who they buy books from. The story, the characters, the plot, all paramount and so they should be!

So that said, let the reading begin!

Here’s my very banal writers biography.

After a career in finance taking him from New Zealand to Australia, the United Kingdom and then back to NZ; Roly Andrews now works in the Disability Sector. Previously mentoring rough sleepers in London, and then supporting people and families affected by suicide, Roly is also a keen advocate for the rights of people living with disabilities. 

He lives in Nelson with his wife and daughter. In his spare time, Roly enjoys fishing and tramping in the mountains and forests of Aotearoa. He also likes to play social cricket, analyse rugby and spend time with his family. After many years of practising, he is still trying to learn to play the trombone!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To escape Roly’s trombone practice! (Boom boom).

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