Kia ora, and welcome to my webpage. 

It’s my calling to explore and capture life experiences and emotions. Big or small, banal or bizarre, I tell stories designed to entertain and shed light upon the wild beasts of the human condition.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you will linger and have a good look around! I’m chuffed you came but will be even more delighted if you like my site or say hello. Then, if you press follow, you might even hear me squeal with delight! 

Within my blog, you’ll find some of my stories, whether they be short, long, flash or micro. You will also find a link to other stories in my Short Story collection – Baikonur Bitch. You’ll also find links to my two novels;

The cry of the Kuaka, and

Return of the Water Deer

These two stories are the first two instalments of the Iju Trilogy. 

2021 was a great year (for my writing) – and I’m really looking forward to this year to continue that momentum! With plenty of ideas in my head, competitions to enter, and a novel to complete, 2022 will be awesome.

Nga Mihi 


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