Time Flies

Here's an oldie - but a goody! Time Flies Fly rotated and tilted its bulbous head. It was looking at me. I was too mangled to shoo or wave it away, in too much pain to really care. “Do you want to die?” Fly asked. “Fuck off,” I spat. “You might linger for hours .… Continue reading Time Flies

A world of traffic

I've been to China, but I wouldn't want to live there! Just look at the traffic! When I lived in England, I nearly pooped myself when I accidentally came across the 'Magic Roundabout' in Colchester! Then I giggled all the way back to London. What an utterly and perfectly absurd creation of civil engineering! And then,… Continue reading A world of traffic

Time you straighten right out

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Can’t Drive 55." https://youtu.be/tb8jkjlP89M 'Time you straighten right out,' taken from The Specials cover of the Dandy Livingstone song - Rudy, a message to you. The time was twenty three hundred hours. Commander Wilbur grimaced his brow now sweating. He had tried everything he'd learnt at the… Continue reading Time you straighten right out

A cautionary tale – don’t do what I did!

Last Sunday afternoon I was driving the Rav 4 down Tahunanui Drive along the seashore, windows down, stereo blaring, wind blowing through my graying unkempt hair. Lost in memories and dreams of my lost years I inadvertently put my foot down. The speedometer soon reaching 70km ph. Within minutes, looking up at my rear vision… Continue reading A cautionary tale – don’t do what I did!

Smashwords interview with Roly Andrews

Interview with Roly Andrews (you can read more of this interview by clicking on the following link). https://www.smashwords.com/interview/andyhay001 What is the greatest joy of writing for you? Being in that oh so rare space, were everything comes easy and you can watch the words dance across the screen and take on their own lives, fills… Continue reading Smashwords interview with Roly Andrews

Look out, you’re being watched…

It’s funny how your behaviour changes when you’re being watched! For the last 6 weeks I've been spending one day a week working in Blenheim. The hour and a half haul over the Whangamoa’s and Rai Saddle to the Wairau Plains beyond might be a pain for some, but I love it.  I like driving… Continue reading Look out, you’re being watched…