Here’s ten 10 things about me and how I enjoy my life!


1) On some weekends during the summer I love to take Maddie and Kate to the Stock Cars

IMG_0169[1] IMG_0168[1]

2) During winter I love to take Maddie (and her mates) and Kate to the Rugby – we support the Mighty Mighty Mako’s (promoted to Div 1 Last season!)

IMG_0017[1]          IMG_0012[1]  IMG_0092[1] IMG_0069[1]IMG_0085[1]

3) For private time, I love to head off alone into the beautiful mountains, forests and lakes which surround Nelson. We are so lucky!


4)As a family we love to fish – and I love Kai Moana (Seafood) just can’t get enough!

beach 2IMG_0206[1]    IMG_0194[1]
5) I love hanging out at the beach – which is less than 1km away!



 5) I’m one of the ‘lucky few’ who loves their job and is part of an amazing team doing amazing things!


6) I love food and I love to bake (trying something new nearly every weekend – you should try my home made bagels!)

IMG_0216[1] IMG_0214[1]IMG_0215[1]

7) I love Maddie and Daddy dates!

WIN_20150419_110510 IMG_0110[1]

8) I love to write (although it has aged me terribly!)


9) I love my family (here’s just a small part of it)


10) Last, but certainly not least I love my wife Kate (in sickness and in health!) I don’t know how and I don’t know why? But it just seems to work!

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