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Narrative Imperative 2021 Book – featuring Evelyn’s Garden – pre-orders now available

The Narrative Imperative 2021 Book (Pre-Order)


Pre-order your copy of the 2021 Narrative Imperative book now!

Featuring an in-depth collection of your favorite submissions from the 2021 Narrative Imperative writing competition – this very special publication includes an array of short stories, essays and poems, each responding to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how they relate to life in Aoteaoroa.

All proceeds go to supporting the future activities of Narrative Imperative.

The Narrative Imperative 2021 Book (Pre-Order) — NARRATIVE IMPERATIVE



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Launch – Return of the Water Deer

Launch Date – Announced 25th April – midday

Love or country? A choice three men must make. One man chooses love, another country. The third – chaos! 

 Kang Dae is a man trapped behind the communist curtain of North Korea. Two sworn enemies compete and try their best to deny his quest to reunite with the love of his life, Choon Hee. One man a dashing North Korean Officer, the other a South Korean Spy Handler with a murky and surprising past. 

Overcoming nearly impossible odds to defeat his enemies, Kang Dae must ultimately decide whether he will put love or country first.  In doing so, he must choose between two different women and two children, a decision destined to result in devastating consequences. 

From New Zealand to North and South Korea, from Japan to Guadalcanal, Return of the Water Deer tells a story of Korea during the 20th century and the people who lived through it. It is a story of a simple man, confronted by extraordinarily complicated times.  

Return of the Water Deer is the exciting sequel to The cry of the Kuaka.

Return of the Water Deer

Plans for first half of 2021

Its been a busy year so far, with the publication of

  • Baikonur Bitch, and
  • Return of the Water Deer.

I have also entered and have plans to enter the following competitions.  

  • National Flash Fiction Competition (NZ) – entered
  • The Samoa Observer Tusitala Story Competition (Samoa) – entered
  • Page & Blackmore Short Story Competition (NZ) – Completing story over the next week  
  • Australasian Historical Fiction prize (Aust) – Return of the Water Deer
  • June Sargeson Short Story Prize (NZ) – to be entered
  • Aesthetica Creative Writing Award (UK) – to be entered

I will of course also be completing Executive Deception, adding stories to my blog and continuing my quest to find an agent.

Stay tuned folks!

Aroha ki te katoa

Baikonur Bitch was sucessfully launched in February and is now available for purchase at:

Smashwords – Baikonur Bitch – a book by Roly Andrews

Baikonur Bitch – Kindle edition by Andrews, Roly. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

Baikonur Bitch

Baikonur Bitch is an eclectic collation of Flash and micro-fiction dreamt up by a restless mind, and a man who should have better things to do. All except one story, have previously been posted and well-received on my blog site over the last 5 years.  

One new unposted story is included in Baikonur Bitch – ‘The Super Killers Ball.’ I hope you enjoy it as much as the others. 

I recently cleansed my blog. Most of my previous stories removed and allocated to the spare parts bin; ready to be pulled out and recycled, when and if ever required again.

Two of my most popular stories have been recycled and adapted to fit into my new novel ‘Return of the Water Deer.’ This isdue to be published in April. So, if you’re looking for:

‘Time Flies,’ and

‘Is love blind?’

That’s where you will find them!

Baikonur Bitch will be available to purchase from the 28th of February 2021 from this website (check it out and check-out at My Store) and also Smash words and Amazon, along with all good E-book retailers.


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