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Perspex Man

Short Story Submission: Envy Theme

Thank you Roly – 

We are honored to include Perspex Man in our coming summer issue.


The Wish

Dear Roly,

We are pleased to inform you that your submission referenced above has been accepted for publication in Kaleidoscope: Exploring the Experience of Disability through Literature and the Fine Arts. We intend to include it in Issue 87, to be published July 2023.

Stuffin’ Hec’

A story I wrote last year about a psychopath is to be published in HalfHourToKill a literary website based in Kentucky in the USA. This is very exciting news as I thoroughly enjoyed wring about a crazy person. I felt completely at home!

An audience with the Pope

I recently sent out my back catalogue of short fiction to market. A story I wrote 7 years ago has been picked by CommuterLit, an Ezine based in Toronto, Canada. ‘An audience with the Pope,’ was influenced by my time living on the West Coast of New Zealand, my Catholic Education and a friend who was a mean guitarist and played in bands. It will be published next week.

That 80’s scar

A short story written last year, but not yet published on this site has been picked by ‘Fragmented Voices,’ an international indie press magazine. It is due for publication on March 10th.

This is a special (excuse the pun) story to me in that it is set against the music of the 70/80’s ska revival. It was written before the tragic passing of Terry Hall – one of my musical heroes.

RIP Terry – thanks for all the parties and drunken sing-alongs.

Hayshed Parable – now published

John 3:8 to be published

John 3:8, a 100-word story I wrote last year, has been picked up by Books n Pieces Magazine and will be published next month.

The Last Vampire Published – The Chamber Magazine

"The Last Vampire" by Roly Andrews, The Chamber Magazine

Baikonur Bitch published – Rural Fiction Magazine

Hayshed Parable

(previously known as Farmyard Parable), a flash fiction piece I wrote 18 months ago, has been picked up for publishing.

Fresh Words

An International Literary Magazine

Will be publishing Hayshed Parable in their January E-Magazine and Paperback.

The last Vampire – Publishing news

The Last Vampire, a story I wrote in 2016, has been picked up for publication by an E-Magazine in the USA. It will be published on December 2 at 10:00 a.m. US central time. Please check it out on:

The Chamber Magazine – the strange and dark and beautiful

The cry of the Kuaka

1st book of the Iju Trilogy

With writing about to commence on the third and final instalment of the Iju Trilogy – The lure of the Tiger, I thought I would take the opportunity to remind everyone of how it all started!

In a modern world where blood and boundary no longer define identity, how do you find belonging and self?

The Kuaka is a special bird, a bird without boundary nor home. The cry of the Kuaka is an epic tale of three generations of Korean women struggling to find peace, love and identity. Battling against war and discrimination, the women must overcome adversity to find happiness and their place in the modern world.

The story follows these extraordinary women’s lives and the men who touch their hearts, two of them New Zealanders. The first, a Japanese Prisoner of War: the second, a rugged hunter. A man still coming to terms with his own identity. 

Set against the Japanese annexation of Korea, WW2, and the Korean War, this is a story of endurance, honour, and shame. It is a story of the modern world: a world without boundary, a world where culture and identity confuse and collide.

Roly Andrews

Baikonur Bitch – 2022

Roly AndrewsEdit”Baikonur Bitch – 2022″

Baikonur Bitch 2022

Relaunched - bigger and better

Baikonur Bitch has been re-launched in this 2022 edition.

14 new stories ranging from benign banality to mystical enlightenment; from a crime-solving dog to a nasty carrot cake; Baikonur Bitch is a thrilling flight of insidious nonsense driven by an overactive imagination & need to reduce brain clutter.

Paperback & Ebook versions are now available through Amazon

The EBook version only available at Smashwords


Great Publishing News

I recently wrote a commission piece for a retiring C.E.O.

This was well received and will now feature on the back cover of that organisations staff handbook!

I was absolutely delighted and honoured to be asked – and then stoked that this work will be published.

Narrative Imperative 2021 Book – featuring my short story ‘Evelyn’s Garden – now available for purchase.

The Narrative Imperative 2021 Book


Pre-order your copy of the 2021 Narrative Imperative book now!

Featuring an in-depth collection of our favourite submissions from the 2021 Narrative Imperative writing competition – this very special publication includes an array of short stories, essays and poems, each responding to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how they relate to life in Aoteaoroa.

All proceeds go to supporting the future activities of Narrative Imperative.

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