The first of the summer fly’s 

“Roly, Roly, it’s me, Musca. I’m back! 

Oh my God. I’m so excited. Did you miss me? I missed you.  

Woo-hoo! look at me go. So excited. Rah!” 

Bzzzzz – bzzzzz. 

“Look how close I can get to your head and face! 

It’s so good to be back.”  

Bzzzzz – bzzzzz. 

“So excited! 

Wow! Look at me go! Making circles around your head! 


Do you still keep the pet food bowls outside the kitchen? Let’s have a look.” 

Bzzzzz – bzzzzz.  

C’mon, Roly, the bowls are empty! Barley and Izzy must be starving. Oh, I wanna check out the toilet. Is there anything nice in there? 

Bzzzzz – bzzzzz. 

I’m back. Gee, the bathroom is spotless. I smelt bleach, too. It’s enough to make a fly sick! What have you got to…. Hang on. I need to go myself. Is the ceiling still fine? 

Argghh, that’s better. Oh, hang on, no, I haven’t finished.  

“So, anyway, as I was saying, you look funny upside down. Did you know your hair is thinning at the top? Oh, your psoriasis is flaring up too. Do you want me to sit on your head? Lick your scalp. 

I’ll come down and give you a hand!” 

Bzzzzz – bzzzzz.  

“He-he-he, I love it when we play dodge-em. Way-hay, but you’re way too slow.  

Weeeee-weeeee, I think you’re even getting slower, Roly! Your arm and hand must be getting sore! 

Can’t beat me. Rah! 

Hey Roly, you got any rotten fruit? Where’s the rubbish? Jeeze, this place is way too clean and tidy.  

Whoa, hang on! Is that a scab on your shin? Let me lick it, please, let me lick it! Go on. 

Your too old, Roly, ha-ha-ha, way too slow.” 

Bzzzzz – bzzzzz  

“Okay, I get the picture. You don’t want me to. Well, let’s talk then. Let me sit on the fruit bowl. 

Did you miss me? I went away for the winter. Up North. I’ve got friends and whanau up there. Gosh, it’s good to be back. Hopefully, I’m the first. I rushed back, wanting to see you. Don’t worry though. I told all my mates about you. They’ll be here in a couple of days. I told them how nice you were.  

Hang on, I need another shit! You don’t mind if I use the fruit, do you? 

Okay, all done. Oh no, I’m not. It’s nice to be back, Roly-boy! 

Are you pleased to see me? 

So excited! Think I’m gonna bounce of the windows for a while now, see ya. Rah!” 

Bzzzzz – bzzzzz. 

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