Come gentle night

You came here seeking counsel, you feebleminded young man, do not throw this in my face. I have had Aswangs in my own church! They are clever; they accompany their husbands to Mass, only to dodge, duck, and weave the blessings I throw their way. I have seen it with my own eyes. Aswangs are also exhibitionists; they are vile and lewd. Did she expose herself to you? Did you see her naked flesh?”

Roly Andrews - Story Teller

Come gentle night!

“The battle between light and dark, good and evil is as old as death itself.”

Ramiro smiled, “Surely you mean life; for, without life, there can be no death.”

The old exorcist chuckled. “You are mistaken, young man; but it goes with your age! Death walks with and then stalks us all; and it is possible to be both alive and dead, or should I say, dead and alive.”

Death walks with and then stalks us all

“This is the wisdom I seek, Monsignor, the reason I have come to see you. As an exorcist, you tread the fine line between the living and the dead, the saved and the damned.”

“Then tell me, my son, how can I help you?”

“Forgive me, Monsignor, I think I have fallen in love with an Aswang.”

“This cannot be so Ramiro, you come from a long line of mortals…

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