The cry of the Kuaka

The cry of the Kuaka is the first book in the Iju trilogy and the prequel to Return of the Water Deer.

In a modern world where blood and boundary no longer define identity, how do you find belonging and self?

The Kuaka is a special bird, a bird without borders or home. The cry of the Kuaka is an epic tale of three generations of Korean women struggling to find peace, love, and identity. Battling against war and discrimination, the women must overcome pain and adversity to find happiness and, ultimately, their place in the modern world.

The story follows the lives of these extraordinary women and the men who touch their hearts, two of them New Zealanders. The first, a Japanese Prisoner of War: the second, a rugged hunter. A man coming to terms with his own identity. 

Set against the Japanese annexation of Korea, WW2, and the Korean War, this is a story of endurance, honour, and shame.

It is a story of the modern world: a world without boundaries, a world where culture and identity confuse and collide. 

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