Time Flies

Here’s an oldie – but a goody!

Roly Andrews - Author

Fly rotated and tilted its bulbous head. It was looking at me.

I was too mangled to shoo or wave it away, in too much pain to really care.

‘Do you want to die?’ Fly asked.

‘Fuck Off,’ I spat.

‘You might linger for hours…suffer unbearably,’ Fly suggested.

I grimaced, Fly was right, and I was sure that if he had a mouth, he would have been grinning.

‘Fuck Off,’ I spat again in desperation – ‘bastard,’ I screamed at him.

‘I can help,’ Fly proffered.’ Tell me you want to end it, and I can make it happen.’

Tears welled. I started to cry, ‘go away leave me be.’

I knew I was done; I knew my time was close, but I wasn’t ready to give it away just yet. I just wasn’t prepared.

‘What would you give for more time?’ Fly asked as if he could read my…

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