A world of traffic

I’ve been to China, but I wouldn’t want to live there! Just look at the traffic!


When I lived in England, I nearly pooped myself when I accidentally came across the ‘Magic Roundabout’ in Colchester! Then I giggled all the way back to London. What an utterly and perfectly absurd creation of civil engineering!


And then, the ring road and Spaghetti Junction around Birmingham, well they literally drove me around the bend.

spaghetti junction

In America I’ve hurtled along massive concrete  carpets at break neck speed, amidst smog and smoke filled hot summer days.


I’ve cheated death when driving around the Arc de Triomphe along with at least 50 maniacal Frenchmen with garlic breath, red wine stained teeth, gesticulating hairy arms and evil stares.


Auckland, NZ’s biggest city is a nice place for a weekend, a nice place to stay – bit I wouldn’t want to live there either.


No, Nelson is the place for me.

Here’s a photo taken 3 weeks ago; right in the middle of the CBD during Friday morning peak hour!


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