It’s just an idiom you knuckle head!


I love the English language and I love to have a laugh.

If you were to ask my family and friends they would tell you I have a very strange sense of humour – perverse even.

I’m a guy who doesn’t need an audience to generate a chuckle.

In fact, often I can and will burst into laughter at any time, either on my own or in company. Very strange behaviour.

One of the reasons why?


The singular most important word I have carried with me through my life (or at least it has carried me) is imagine.

It provides a frame for my humour and enables me to find a laugh in most things.

Imagine if you really did have a knuckle head?

This imagine game of course is a building block toward hilarity (well it is for me anyway.)

Imagine how your hats would look – and if your knuckles were on your head, then would you have any fingers? And if you didn’t – how would you scratch your head? Perplexing issues and deep questions indeed.

Here’s some more kiwi idiom’s that have raised more than a giggle for me in the past. Why don’t you play the imagine game with them?

  • I’m a box of fluffy ducks
  • He’s a bit of a dag
  • Well blow me down
  • Bob’s your uncle (Mum is their something your not telling me?)
  • She’s cack handed
  • Go on – bugger off
  • She’s got a bun in the oven
  • Dressing down
  • Dressing gown
  • Guts for garters
  • Busting your gut
  • Budgie smuggler

Imagine if you did smuggle budgies down your pants – wouldn’t you be afraid they might peck you?

budgie 1budgie 2

Well you get the picture! (another wonderful idiom) (Imagine if you wrote an entire blog crammed full with idioms) – how cool would that be? (ha ha ha).

So if you are having a bad day (he he he) and feeling blue (omg – about to wet myself now) you can find humour in everything. Just play the imagine game.

Humour can come at anytime, it can be spontaneous and arrive you least expect it – last Thursday I was commuting back from Blenheim (90 minute drive) and I was feeling tired after a busy day and a long week. On the side of the highway I saw an advertising sign – it bought an instant  smile to my face which stayed with me for the rest of my journey.

drag racingdrag-race-300x217

Kia Ora


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